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Welcome to my world on the web. There are quite a few pages scattered around on this site, reflecting my full range of interests. You'll notice pretty quickly that all my pages are pretty heavily text-oriented. I am not a graphic artist, and my taste in web page leans towards a just the facts ma'am kind of style.

As always on the web, my site is still under construction, but I hope in the fullness of time to have pages which deal with:

I haven't advertised this page very much at all, so if you stumble across it, please send email to the address below and tell me what you think. Failing that, please sign my guestbook. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone.

As an indication of just how popular this page is, you are visitor number Counter since I reset this counter on February 28, 2001. I first put this counter in on April 9, 1996, but something went haywire, and it was telling me I had had about 7 million hits since then. Now somehow, I just don't think I am that popular, so I reset it.


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