This used to be a "homepage"...

Early evidence for Sonoluminescence (Frenzel and Schultes, 1934)

I'm a physics student and this used to be my homepage in which I used to tell you who I am and other nonesense...

I no longer believe in such megalomaniac enterprises. Nevertheless the page survives as host to some short (megalomaniac!) stories ("bike"), my GYROSCOPE page (which might be updated in June!), and links to nice web sites.



"Gyroscope Page" (not updated since June 1997)

Sonoluminescence (light from bubbles)

Advances in Sonoluminescence (MIT)

CERN (particle physics)

JET (plasma physics and fusion)

Sonoluminescence (light from bubbles)

Quantum Optics and Teleportation

Physical and Chemical Constants Page

The Laws of Physics Web Page

The YAHOO Physics Index

Images of Famous Physicists


Project Skateboarding

Where to Skateboard in the uk

Transworld Skateboarding


The Aurora Page (beautiful pictures)

Scientific American

Periodic Table

Amazon (net book info/order)


"...the best of those little additions to our knowledge which we have achieved have shown their significance precisely by the fact that they opened up a whole new continent of our ignorance." (Karl R. Popper)

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