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Airdrie Modellers Aircraft Society
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A.M.A.S. is a Registered Society

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Pride of Canada

ATTENTION:  Due to factors surrounding free webservers such as the one this site is hosted on, I find it nesscessary to mirror this site at www.canamrc.com/amas  This mirror site has unlimited size and is much easier to update, therefore, it will be much more current and have lots of pictures!

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Airdrie Modellers Aircraft Society

Suite 128

612  500 Country Hills Blvd. N.E.

Calgary, AB T3K-5K3

Welcome To A.M.A.S.

Feel free to look at our website and explore our commitment to radio-control model aircraft flying. A.M.A.S. is dedicated to promoting all types of model aircraft from trainers to giant-scale and Heli’s as well. Highly competent instructors are available for beginners. Many experienced modelers are always willing to offer their profound knowledge to any flyers looking to expanding their horizons.


Airdrie Modelers Aircraft Society

 Is located in Airdrie Alberta Canada, just north of Calgary. A.M.A.S. has two flying fields, one by the Airdrie airport and the other just northeast of the city of Calgary.

Club meetings are held in Airdrie AB at the “Over 50 Club” on the first Tuesday of  January, March, May September, and December. Meetings start at 7:30 pm. All other months will be social events with show and tell coffee and cookies etc.

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