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Prime Constellation

Recently, I became interested in k-tuple primes (or prime constellation) and I have obtained some constellation primes up to 109 for various patterns using a sieve method. Some of these constellation primes can be found in Prime Constellation. If I can spare some time, I will show the theory and algorithm behind my sieve method. Please come back to this home page later.

However, in order to quickly show you some of the results that I have found but never reported by anyone anywhere (on the internet or in the literature), I welcome you to go to Seclected Tables.

ITU Q.931

Being a Telecommunication engineer, I need to access the ITU Q.931 specifications frequently in solving some problems on PRI. In order to make the search of the protocol easier, I have converted a simplified version of the specifications to hyperlink format. Here is the Q.931 that I use and I hope this will help anyone who need to look up the spec.