This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, with a screen setting of 1024 X 768, or 800 X 600. thanks *S* I just want you to be able to see the site the way it should be viwed *S*

Star's Mistical Realm is going to go through a MAJOR OVERHAUL. Please stop by often to see all the new ideas that I have come up with for my site. *S* Click on the Earth above to enter a most wonderful world of fantasy and fun!! You can find it all right here inside Star's Mistical Realm!! We are waiting for you to come and join us *S* Meet Lunar and his pal Kabuki for some fun and games, stop on by our Paint Shop Pro tutorials and learn how to make some super graphics, including the famous Snowglobe!! Stop by and sign my guestbook, or take a stroll through my Spirit Flower Garden!! *S* These are just some of the wonderful things you will find inside *S* So why not click on the Earth and see for yourself all there is to see and do here *S* Stop by my NEW GRAPHICS area, that includes some xmas tubes, as well as a brand NEW WEB RING *S* Join the web ring while you are there *S*

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These two ribbons above stand for two of the pain illnesses I have. Please feel free to take them both and display on your web site with a link back to my site, if you could. I am posting these to try and let people know that these illnesses are very real, and do exist. They are both painful illnesses and sometimes to the point of being dibilitating. So please pass on the word about both of these..A great big thanks to those good friends of mine that have posted these ribbons on their web sites...It means alot to me..Thanks *S*

Hi all, I am pleased to say that I have just made an email group for those that are in the Site Fights, that are Physically challenged. If you would like more info about this please feel free to email me, if not, the click below to subscribe. Thanks *S* I hope you will enjoy this group. *S*

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I have just started up my OWN graphics email group, as well as a new web ring, and a full Members area. Click on the url below to get to the main area of my newest mini site, or use the sign up box below to sign up for email group. This is a group for those that want to learn how to make graphics, or to share what they have learned to others!! I have lots of fun things planned for this group, so why not stop by and check it out *S*

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I am proud to display this Diploma that I just received for passing my first ever course in HTML programming, as I am self taught. This is an accomplishment for me. I am very happy. Also below are two other diploma's I have received from taking other courses *S* I will be adding one more shortly!!

I am proud to have gotten DPatrol Deputy of the Month. It is an honor *S* Thank you *S*

This award was presented to me by a good friend. Thanks so much!!

This award was presented to me from my Team Leader. Thanks D'Pleasance!!

This award was bestowed to me from D'Pleasance as well, as she put my name in for this award *S*. Thanks so much hon *S*

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