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Hi and welcome to the Official REHK Homepage! In case you are wondering, REHK stands for The Royal Empress Huang Kingdom which is made up of 3 wonderful + ingenius + intelligent + extraordinary + great + humourous = Super Duper Extraordinary Genius! (He! He! Aren't we a group of egoistics?)

The Kingdom is a fictionous country made up by three friends and is located...somewhere in this world. It has a capital, Angieburg, and a few other states.

For your information to norish your lovely brain, I shall now introduce the lovely ruler of our country, our Great Empress the Majesty Her Queen, The Queen of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera, Empress Haung!!! Under the hand of our lovely Empress, the Kingdom is now a busy and prosperous country.

The Empress' right - hand - man is the Royal Spy, who is also the Director of the Royal Spy Associated Board of Music, who is also the General of the REHK. The Spy resides at Sidenburg , known as the land of Knowledge.

The Emperess' left - hand - man is the Saint , also the Minister of Arts and the Admiral of the REHK's navy. The Saint resides at Liantha which is a port.   

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