It's a zine. It's a movement. It's a unified queer punk crew.

(Okay, at this moment it's only a zine and a dream. You can buy it through Xerox Revolutionaries distro or check out the message board at Fight or Die.)


But someday soon, it's going to be more than just words on paper.

I want to be able to see a group of kids and know, right off the bat, that they belong on the fringe of the fringe, that even if we don't agree on everything we at least agree to unity. I want queer punks to become a force to be reckoned with, a group you don't want to fuck with.

The world's becoming a more dangerous place. The old radicals either think the fight's over or have just given up. The new radicals are more interested in gossip and bike repair. We're scattered through a hostile land and if we don't band together, we're dog meat.

I need your ideas. I need your fighting spirit.

I'll add to this page as I go. Eventually I plan on getting a network of us together.

For the good of the fight, write me at