Jacob and Lady's love page

               We met in Galaxy and have been together in cyberspace
               for quite some time now, and decided to make a homepage
               together. We hope you like it!
               Soon we'll be able to be together in real life! In July...
               And we can't wait to see each other for real!
               Yes, we know, some of you might think we are crazy,
               because we have a relationship like this, and maybe we are.
               We are crazy about each other. To have a relationship like
               ours can be very painful but it's worth it, because we have
               fell in love with each other's personality and that makes
               our love more true.

Countdown for the date we are going to meet in seconds:

  Lady Lucifer's homepage

Jacob's homepage

One place to find us chatting

Another place to find us chatting

A place where we send each other flowers

another place where we send each other flowers

Close friends


                                 Cute and beautiful pictures
                                Declaration of our love for each other
                                What i wish for the both of us
                                Now and forever
                                To my Angel
                                I love you
                                A poem for my love
                                Here is a lot of romantic stuff


You're the th person who now knows of our love for eachother!

Lady Lucifer's Home Account
Lady Lucifer's Work Account
Jacob's Personal Account
Jacob's School Account
Jacob's Work Account

Lady Lucifer

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