LightShade's Game Modification


Click "BEST MOD EVER" at the bottom of the 1st photo, save the zip file, and extract to the main drive c: directory.

Upon opening the zip file, dont select anything. Just unzip it directly to DRIVE C:

Note that your diablo2 game should have been installed in its default folder in order for the modification to work.

To play, simply go inside the folder and click the bossmod icon.

The photo shown below is my test character attacking andariel.....

All the items I'm wearing there can be found in the game itself.

This is what you will be and greater if you get the stronger hacked items droped by monsters.

Most Items here are hacked unique items whose atributes has been maximized. Items sold inside town are all hacked unique
If you're just beggining. It is advisable to have a complete set of hacked items on you by buying it inside town before you go out and kill monsters for their item drops coz the bosses here are quite strong and could not be killed by average attacks.



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Note: if the game crashes or performs illegal operation....restart your
computer then play original game first for around 1 minute then close it,
then start mod again so that mod will adap to version settings.


I named this mod lightshade
Same as my Character's Name.

This mod is for players to actually dupe another player's items instantly on the game itself by simply using a "horadric cube".

All the unique items are all hacked to its maximum,
some are personaly modified by "LIGHTSHADE".(2005)

How to use:

1 item + identify scroll = 2 of the same item (duping)
1 item + town portal scroll = 1 magic item
1 item + 1 identify scroll + 1 town portal scroll = 1 unique item
1 item + 1 town portal book = 1 rare item


1. u must have diablo installed at its DEFAULT FOLDER first.
2. Open "" with winzip.
3. Dont select any items. Just click unzip. Unzip to main drive c: directory


4. Look for the lightshade folder in drive c: and go inside it.


5. click the lightshade shortcut icon to make it work.




This is the character at the photo below wearing bright white items.
Its Sword, Sheild, Helm, and Armor has "SEVEN" sockets each
so that you can design what kind of jewels you want to put in it.

It has rings and amulets that has attributes already
containing "SEVEN JEWELS" each

It has skills already for the dueler.
Multiple cast spells on hit located at the belt
The ability to be teleported if you get hit
The ability to teleport the target on hit located
in the charm included.
A strong aura for defense.


Just download the zip file below.
unzip it inside the "save folder" of your diablo2 game folder.
Then start diablo game and play it.



This is my modification that kills low level godly characters

I called it a test mod because if you got killed in this game,
that means you're not godly yet. Very good for testing your character. You must be able to kill and not be killed in the game by the GODLY MONSTERS.
Low level godly players die here with just one hit by the monsters.
I have put the strongest monsters in every waypoint.

I'm still thinking if I will post this mod for download
for others to host the game.
Maybe sometime soon.but for now, I'll be the one hosting it.

Just look for the game "GODLY TEST MOD" or GODLY TESTER MOD
for you to see it personaly.

The photo below are blured because it's hard to capture them
while they attack. Those are taken at blood moore.


By having interest browsing the other pictures,
you may download diabolic to have more control of your game.

Just follow the installation instructions inside the zip file itself after download.

Have fun!


You have the chance also to download my Cow Modification
Where monster are not regular but killer cows with strong
attack and diffense skills