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The Elves of Ulthuan,Loren and Naggaroth


Warhammer is a tabletop fantasy battlegame in which you and your oppenent control mighty armies of Miniature figures. Tactics must be employed in the manoeuvereing of troops into battle, and unleashing deadly Magic, Warmachine firepower and terrible monstors into your foes army.

This page deals in particular with the three Elven Forces of the Warhammer World. The valiant High Elves, the nature loving Wood Elves and the insidious Dark Elves.

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High Elves

Click here to mount a beautiful white pegasus. It will take you to the mystic land of Ulthuan, home of the High Elves.

Wood Elves

Click here to enter the entrancing forest known as Loren. Keep a keen look out as the Wood Elves keep their secrets well hidden in this vast wilderness.

Dark Elves

Click here to board a sinister black ark of Naggaroth. It will take you to the cold barren lands of the Dark Elves.

The Winds of Magic

Relax and let your soul be at peace. Your spirit will mingle with the winds of magic allowing you to travel to other Warhammer related Web Pages.

The Great Library

Every now and then a brave elf will travel to Nuln, the home of the Great Library. Contained within are a variety of articles relating to Warhammer, including magic items/spells list, new special characters/magic items and lots more.

If you would like to have a link to your homepage included in the "winds of magic", would like to have a self written article posted in the "great library", or would like to use some of my images/background music please email me at

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