Welcome to Our Wedding Album,

MoonDrake (Victor Schulte) and Breanna (Goldia McAfee) met in Ultima Online in May of 1998, starting a true internet romance that has brought happiness to both our lives.

On November 27th 1998 we were married in Las Vegas NV at Cupids Chappel.


Here is the entire wedding party, outside the chappel.

Left top to Right

Phillip Schulte (MD's Brother), Louis Ghibaudo (MD's Step Dad), Macyle Pine (MD's Mom), Breanna (Goldia), MoonDrake (Victor), Madilyn Pine (MD's Grandma), Phillip Pine (MD's Grandpa), Roxanne (Phillip Schulte's Fiance).

Row two

Greg Austin (Breanna's Son), Megan Schulte (MD's Daughter), Jarred Austin (Breanna's Son).