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Project the image of what you want to be.

I'm celebrating 10 years of being on the web! I've been in a lot of different frames of mind as I began useing this medium to express and create. As you take the "rabbit hole" journey through the different pages I've expounded you'll be with me at a specific place and time as I was writing it. Not to say this is a blog, because I definitely did not reflect everything that was occuring in my life, but instead each page is a freeze-frame of an idea I suddenly wanted to embellish. My first page, the Rant page, was simply the launchpad of this whole experiment. The one up now is slightly altered from it's original form when I published it online in April 1996, but it was fun for me and definitely a learning process. Instead of simply carrying along in that same vein of bitching I decided to create something to promote good. I truly am a Militant Pollyanna, but "Pollyanna" isn't blindly stupid to the bad things in the world, she's just determined to be as positive as she can. It makes survival possible, makes her stronger and more resilient than other people. How can you see the way out if your head isn't held up?
To be sure there are multitudes of suffering people the globe over at this very moment. I know that because I can witness their plight with the click of my T.V. remote. Each of us arrive on this planet with individual destinies to be lived out, and to some it is their mission to assist. The Almighty will reward them accordingly. Personally I am not lead in that direction. My simple humble life provides me with ample opportunity to show kindness, patience, and charity to those who cross my path. Learning to love your family and friends is far more pertinent and within your immediate sphere of influence. Biting my tongue and practicing patience is challenging in it's self. To take on the plight of the world is more than our psyche is truly built to endure. Or at least my psyche. So if you find something positive in all these ramblings of mine you have given me a beautiful gift: the ability to reach beyond my physical realm to spread good in this world, and I thank you.

The Trap of Self Absorption

The depression that is running rampant in our population has been caused by people consumed with their own happiness and the futility of making IT their goal. True happiness comes when we stop thinking of ourselves and start focusing on other people and what we can do to be a blessing in their lives.

So much pain and suffering in the world, but you start with the people within your sphere of influence. Your co-worker, neighbor, family. Even the person driving the car that almost clipped your bumper this morning. Realize that the near-miss was no accident. Did it wake you up? Did you have an instant appreciation for the fact that the "accident" didn't happen, and you were still driving towards your destination but with a new sharpness? Did you send a little prayer for the safety of the idiot that almost hit you? Probably not. People feel so UNDER FIRE... on the defensive. The flight/fright instinct kicked in with it's adrenaline and added stress that just took a few more minutes off your life and distanced you further from Happiness...

Now, more than ever, it is vitally important we find a place of peace in our hearts where inspiration can find a voice. I created this page to promote the only legal intoxication besides the sedative alcohol:



You can use music to help you enter a state of meditation where your prayers are most potent, your fears best analyzed, your course of appropriate action easier conceptualized. You can breathe in remembered peace from your meditation during stressful events.

Music and Meditation

One day I'll work on a webpage about my spiritual journey: Shirley MacLaine (She was my introduction into seriously investigating spirituality in all it's forms), Deepak Choprah, Richard Bach, Yogi Philosophy, Mystic Christianity, Vipassana meditation, Joseph Campbell, Robert Monroe, John Edward, Wayne Dyer, etc.. and how the common threads and the ringing truths I've noticed throughout form my personal fabric of religion.

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