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April 7th - Camio has officially lost one pound since she came home with her new daddy. The scales now read 12.6 lbs. This was done through a combination of diet and exercise.  Daddy has learned alot about quality cat foods and calories. There are plenty of websites explaining what to look for regarding quality and calories and I have settled on certian brands of Wiskas and Fancy Feast for variery. This can will eat anything !!!
One nice attribute of Cameos weight loss has been an increase of energy and strength. I am impressed  how she can now jump up onto the kitchen counter from the floor. Before, she could hardly make it up the stairs!!! I now have to store away all food items because  she has been getting into them. Last week I caught her eating from my bowl of Cachews !!!   BAD KITTY !!!
Mar 21th - It seems Cameo has been making a regular hobby out of bird stalking. Sparrows, large robins and other tweet happy aves make consistent visits to the bird feeder I placed outside the upstairs balcony. Cameo sometimes spots packs of birds from across the house which puts her into a near sprint. She sometimes uses the couch for cover, freezes, then moves in closer. This afternoon she got particularly close to one bird. She actually jumped into the window!!! If the window was not there that bird would have been a goner. Anyhow, she used the four pads of her feet to make contact andpushed back away from the window after impact. I think she knows she will never catch a bird and has settled for just scaring the heck out of them. This is much more interesting for her than those fake little toys she has.